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Antique Rug (that is, mats more than 60 years of age) are sensitive handcrafts that need uncommon consideration and regard for guarantee their magnificence is saved, My Rug Repairs cleaning procedure will leave your mat in  unblemished condition.
At My Rug Repairs, subsequent to deciding a floor covering’s particular treatment, the carpet will be cleaned, hand-washed in a submersion shower, and afterward painstakingly laid level to dry in an atmosphere controlled room. This customized procedure won’t just clean your Antique Rug carpet, yet in addition, improve its sheen and feel.

Just Organic

We utilize natural items when cleaning to guarantee that not just your floor covering is shielded from unforgiving and grating synthetic substances, yet additionally the earth, and the wellbeing of you and your family.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

We give you a 100% assurance that the cleaning and fixes given to your antique floor covering are top-notch and that you will be more than happy with the outcomes.

Demonstrated master cleaning for Antique floor coverings

Antique floor coverings could be a family legacy or a blessing by somebody near you. It might be important to you since you picked it yourself, subsequent to searching for quite a while for the ideal floor covering.
What’s more, presently it got grimy, it looks  blurred, or it has another smell you are not satisfied with. That where we come in, master antique carpet cleaning administrations in New York and New Jersey.


So as to have your antique floor covering minded the manner in which it should, we built up a procedure which both ensures the mat while being cleaned (the utilization of a cleaning patch) and gets it altogether cleaned – the utilization of “tidying”, which is vital. We at that point apply any of our 100% natural strategies, regardless of whether it cleaning or with the correct utilization of water. Since your mat might be strolled on every day and could experience the ill effects of mileage, we manage it gently and keep its extraordinary characteristics perfectly healthy.

Add time to your rug’s life

With the correct cleaning process, your antique carpet can look and feel better for quite a while. Our instruments and techniques are planned for broadening your floor coverings life while keeping it looking as excellent as ever.

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